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RUNNING DRY is a comprehensive public information/education project, established to raise awareness regarding the worsening global humanitarian water crisis.  The projects centerpiece is an explosive and enlightening in-depth documentary. RUNNING DRY.  

It was inspired by former U.S. Senator Paul Simon’s book TAPPED OUT, the coming world crisis in water and what we can do about it. The documentary was written, produced and directed by Jim Thebaut.  For practical purposes, there are three versions, an eighty minute feature, a fifty minute executive summary and a twenty minute “Call To Action” video.

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This comprehensive documentary feature Co-Written, Produced, Directed and co-Executive Produced by Jim Thebaut establishes an inside view of the Cold War era and the events and decisions which lead to the escalation of the arms race and the development of over 60.000 nuclear warheads and a profound stockpile of chemical and biological weapons.

Through the eyes of former Soviet and US leaders the cold war story is vividly and dramatically presented and it draws to an end with a perspective of it's deadly legacy on today's fragile World.

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The first phase of the project has been completed and has resulted in a 17 minute documentary presentation regarding the sexual abuse of female children. This powerful film, which is narrated by actress Jane Seymour, reveals the effect on women who have experienced sexual abuse in their childhood. It presents the reality sexual abuse often results in dysfunctional or destructive behavior.

This includes eating disorders, substance abuse, codependent and abusive relationships, depression, sexual dysfunction, lack of intimacy, self destructive and high risk behavior, which will occasionally result in a tragic suicide.

THE ICEMAN TAPES: Conversations with a Killer

The ICEMAN, Richard Kuklinski was interviewed by Jim Thebaut for 17 hours at Trenton State Prison.

This chilling critically acclaimed HBO documentary was Executive Produced/Produced by Thebaut which delves into the dark side of human behavior examining the life of this "mob" hitman, the most notorious killer of the Twentieth Century.

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Nearly every state in the American Southwest is affected by a water crisis and is struggling with record dry conditions. On the heels of the American Southwest’s drought, and in an effort to raise awareness, The Chronicles Group with support from grants from the California Water Association, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the Southern Nevada Water Authority and other public and private entities, Vegas PBS will present The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry? directed, written, and produced by Jim Thebaut, president of The Chronicles Group, a Los Angeles based non-profit public information/education film production company.

Featuring narration from Emmy® Award-winning actress Jane Seymour, The American Southwest:  Are We Running Dry? is a definitive look at how the water crisis affects the American Southwest states and its escalating economic toll.

From the White House to the House of Representatives, Jim Thebaut interviews key thought leaders for an intelligent and informed discussion about the evolving water crisis.  Thebaut  filmed at diverse locations including the Navajo and Hopi reservations, on Capitol Hill and in Las Vegas for an absorbing and contemplative discussion about conservation, water reuse, desalination, unprecedented population growth and future water policies. Interviews with key members of Congress include Sens. Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Ken Salazar (Colo.), and Pete Domenici and Jeff Bingaman (N.M.), and U.S. Reps. Mary Bono (Palm Springs) and Jim Costa (Fresno). An interview with Dr. Gene Whitney, science advisor to President Bush, also is featured in this impartial and balanced documentary.

The American Southwest:  Are We Running Dry? gives audiences an in-depth awareness and education of the water crisis in the United States. Viewers learn about land use planning and the water needs of cities in the Southwest, and how climate change may impact water levels on vital sources such as Lake Powell, Hoover Dam’s Lake Mead, the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta system, the Rio Grande and the Colorado River. 

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